TrendForce reports that the ever-expanding dimensions of OLED products, combined with the ambitious plans of several top-tier brands, mean that 2023 could see OLED monitor shipments hitting a staggering 508,000 units—an astronomical YoY surge of 323%. Come 2024, the OLED landscape will be richer with more diverse product sizes and specifications. Add to that the debut of the 27-inch and 31.5-inch OLED panels by two leading Korean panel makers, and the arena is set for a showdown. Such dynamics are predicted to catapult OLED monitor shipments past the coveted one million unit threshold.

In terms of market share, Samsung is on track for a spirited push in OLED monitor shipments in 2H23, potentially capturing a market share of 27%—echoing LGE’s performance. Not to be left behind, Dell is ardently pushing its 34-inch offering, hoping to clinch a market presence above 20%. Meanwhile, ASUS, having strategically positioned itself in the OLED monitor sector recently, is eyeing a market share nearing 9% this year.

Looking at OLED monitor sizes, the narrative for 2023 is headlined by the 34-inch segment, which is forecast to command a 37% market share. The 27-inch group trails closely with an estimated 32%, followed by 49-inch monitors at about 14%. The 45-inch category rounds off the top tiers with a market share of 10%. Casting an eye toward 2024, TrendForce anticipates 27-inch monitors to widen their footprint, emerging as the star player among OLED products. Furthermore, with both Samsung Display and LG Display bolstering the production of their 31.5-inch OLED offerings, this size might just see its market share leapfrogging over 10% in the coming year.


With more than seven-year working experience in the downstream LCD monitor sector, Anita Wang expands the research area into monitor SI segment. On top on the people connection established in the course of the period, she uses statistics tools, intuition on figures, and data-processing skills to systematically build statistics models and project long-term trend. Combining her field research and scientific method, she conducts full analysis on data gathered to dig into the changes in the LCD industry and monitor industry.