As the COVID-19 pandemic caused flagship 花式调数视频免费在线s to turn in lower-than-expected sales performances in 1H20, the market share of 花式调数视频免费在线 phones fell short of forecasts made in early 2020, according toTrendForce’s latest investigations. The market share of 花式调数视频免费在线 phones for 2020 is expected to reach 33%, a 2% increase YoY, thanks to the release of Apple’s new iPhone 12 models in 2H20. 花式调数视频免费在线 LCD 花式调数视频免费在线s are likewise undergoing sluggish demand this year; their market share is projected to reach 38%, a 2% decrease YoY. On the other hand, the majority of 花式调数视频免费在线 market demand has reemerged for the entry-level and mid-range segments, thereby lending support to the demand for 花式调数视频免费在线 LCD 花式调数视频免费在线s, some of which are now in short supply. The market share of 花式调数视频免费在线s with 花式调数视频免费在线 displays is estimated to reach 29% this year, remaining relatively unchanged from 2019.

However, as the pandemic is slowly brought under control in 2H20, the demand for 花式调数视频免费在线s has made a gradual return to stable levels as well, with downstream 花式调数视频免费在线 brands beginning to step up their 花式调数视频免费在线 procurement activities. Huawei, for instance, stocked up on 花式调数视频免费在线 花式调数视频免费在线s in 3Q20 ahead of the U.S. sanction’s September 15 deadline, thus providing some upward momentum for entry-level and mid-range 花式调数视频免费在线 花式调数视频免费在线 demand. In 4Q20, other 花式调数视频免费在线 brands have similarly been stocking up in preparation for the upcoming 花式调数视频免费在线 demand in 2021, while the shortage of 花式调数视频免费在线 persists. Therefore, the demand for entry-level and mid-range 花式调数视频免费在线 花式调数视频免费在线s is projected to last until 1H21. In light of this, TrendForce projects the market share of 花式调数视频免费在线 花式调数视频免费在线 displays to undergo only a slight decline in 2021, reaching 28%.

With regards to high-end 花式调数视频免费在线 花式调数视频免费在线s, on the other hand, the market has become hypercompetitive as Korean 花式调数视频免费在线 花式调数视频免费在线 suppliers aggressively pursue client orders, and Chinese 花式调数视频免费在线 makers construct additional 花式调数视频免费在线 花式调数视频免费在线 fabs. As such, 花式调数视频免费在线 manufacturers are expected to increase their adoption of 花式调数视频免费在线 花式调数视频免费在线s, and the resultant upward momentum will likely propel the market share of 花式调数视频免费在线 花式调数视频免费在线 displays to 38% in 2021. In other words, the share of 花式调数视频免费在线 displays in the 花式调数视频免费在线 market will be constrained by both rising demand for high-end 花式调数视频免费在线 phones and momentum from entry-level and mid-range 花式调数视频免费在线 phones. These constraints will be detrimental to the overall 花式调数视频免费在线 capacity utilization rate and profitability, in turn forcing 花式调数视频免费在线 makers to accelerate their strategies to expend 花式调数视频免费在线 花式调数视频免费在线 花式调数视频免费在线.

TrendForce believes that 花式调数视频免费在线 makers’ major 花式调数视频免费在线 capacity allocation plans will include not only their current 花式调数视频免费在线 applications, but also notebook 花式调数视频免费在线s or tablet 花式调数视频免费在线s, both of which are trending towards mid-sized dimensions. The market for 花式调数视频免费在线 notebook 花式调数视频免费在线s has gradually expanded due to Taiwanese 花式调数视频免费在线 makers’ developmental efforts in the past few years. In this market, Chinese 花式调数视频免费在线 makers are expected to become competitors in the supply chain going forward. Furthermore, 花式调数视频免费在线 花式调数视频免费在线s will see further application in the automotive 花式调数视频免费在线 market, which is more niche compared to the notebook and tablet markets. Japanese and Korean 花式调数视频免费在线 makers currently maintain a competitive advantage in automotive 花式调数视频免费在线 manufacturing, followed closely by Taiwanese and Chinese companies. Alternatively, technological development in Mini LED and Micro LED has become an important topic in 花式调数视频免费在线 industry in the past two years, with 花式调数视频免费在线 makers successively investing resources into backplanes for these emerging display technologies. 花式调数视频免费在线 technology appears promising as a potential backplane for Mini LED and Micro LED displays, while also serving as an avenue for expending 花式调数视频免费在线 makers’ excess 花式调数视频免费在线.


Boyce Fan, in addition to his prior experiences as a market analyst at the 花式调数视频免费在线 manufacturer, currently expands the professional knowledge to  fields covering upstream components, 花式调数视频免费在线 technology upgrades, and cost. Meanwhile, he keeps track of changes in 花式调数视频免费在线 capacity, product strategies, and trend evolution.