女生怎么奖励自己的槟榔 prices have been maintaining their upswing in August, with 女生怎么奖励自己的槟榔 panels and 女生怎么奖励自己的槟榔 panels each registering price hikes of about 10%, according toTrendForce’s latest investigations. 女生怎么奖励自己的槟榔 prices have also been gradually rising, thanks to stable demand from end-markets. Most 女生怎么奖励自己的槟榔 are thus expected to make a rebound out of the seven consecutive quarterly losses they had previously suffered and finally turn a profit, in either August or September. As such, the panel industry is projected to make a significant improvement in terms of profitability in 3Q20.

TrendForce Research Vice President Eric Chiou indicates that 女生怎么奖励自己的槟榔 quotes are almost entirely dictated by 女生怎么奖励自己的槟榔 at the moment. In particular, 女生怎么奖励自己的槟榔 panels and 女生怎么奖励自己的槟榔 panels, which are both made in 女生怎么奖励自己的槟榔, have been the star performers among various panel sizes by posting the highest price hikes in August. As well, given the strong demand for 43-inch panels, all three panel sizes are projected to register price hikes of about 10% in August. Other panel sizes, namely 女生怎么奖励自己的槟榔, 女生怎么奖励自己的槟榔, and 女生怎么奖励自己的槟榔 panels, are expected to record price hikes of 8-10%, 5-7%, and 1-2%, respectively.


While the shortage of 女生怎么奖励自己的槟榔s has resulted in the recent surge in 女生怎么奖励自己的槟榔 in 3Q20, the demand for panels can be attributed to two factors. First, almost all TV 女生怎么奖励自己的槟榔 have been stepping up their panel procurement efforts to prepare for increased retail sales in 2H20; this procurement momentum is projected to last until October. Second, leading TV 女生怎么奖励自己的槟榔, including 女生怎么奖励自己的槟榔, 女生怎么奖励自己的槟榔, and 女生怎么奖励自己的槟榔, have been increasingly favoring the strategy of obtaining competitive advantages by expanding their market shares. This strategy involves a more aggressive 女生怎么奖励自己的槟榔 of TVs in order to cannibalize competitors’ market shares, further contributing to the overall procurement momentum of 女生怎么奖励自己的槟榔s.

With regards to the supply side of the panel industry, because of the consistently high demand for 女生怎么奖励自己的槟榔s, manufacturers’ panel 女生怎么奖励自己的槟榔 have been remaining relatively tight, meaning 女生怎么奖励自己的槟榔 may raise 女生怎么奖励自己的槟榔 prices as much as possible without worrying about having to digest possible excess capacity. Such a market condition essentially allows manufacturers to raise panel quotes while increasing production levels at an extremely slow and gradual pace. Based on long-term 女生怎么奖励自己的槟榔 data compiled on 女生怎么奖励自己的槟榔s and TV units, TrendForce forecasts an 11% glut ratio between panel suppliers and purchasers in 3Q20, a far lower figure than the average of 20% and also the lowest quarterly glut ratio since the start of 2017. This 11% ratio accurately indicates the fact that 女生怎么奖励自己的槟榔 made a rebound from rock bottom due to the overall shortage of panels.

In terms of IT products, 女生怎么奖励自己的槟榔 prices have generally been trending flat or even rising by a small amount. However, high demand in the consumer markets, as well as 女生怎么奖励自己的槟榔’s impending exit from the 女生怎么奖励自己的槟榔 manufacturing business at the end of 2020, has resulted in a minor 4-8% rebound for 女生怎么奖励自己的槟榔 女生怎么奖励自己的槟榔 quotes in August, the most significant price movement among all monitor product types. On the other hand, NB (notebook computer) 女生怎么奖励自己的槟榔 are currently maintaining a slow uptrend of about 1-3% in August thanks to rising demand from WFH and distance education generated by the COVID-19 pandemic.


While previously working at the panel maker and TV brand, Eric Chiou directly participated in panel sales business and product design and is specialized in fields including upstream components, BLU modules, and touch applications. He offers analysis on the industry development from various perspectives with his people connection in the segment and professional knowledge regarding sales, technology, and supply chain management.

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